US Blast Mats


Made in the U.S.A.  All products are Berry and Buy American compliant.

Kits now available**


Part # MPBK Navistar Maxxpro Base Kit


Part # MPDK Navistar Maxxpro Dash/Dash ISS Kit 


Part # MPPK Navistar Maxxpro Plus/Ambulance Kit


Part # MPTFM Navistar Maxxpro Dash ISS TFM Kit


Part # CGRK GDLS/FPI USMC Cougar 3 Piece Front Mat Kit


Part # CGRK+ GDLS/FPI US Army Jerrv 3 Piece Kit w/ US Army EOD Drivers Front Floor Mat. 

          Fits USMC Cougar. 20% more protective than the standard USMC Cougar mats.


Part # BUFMkI GDLS/FPI Buffalo MkI Kit


Part # BUFA1/2 GDLS/FPI Buffalo A1 & A2 Kit


Part # BUFA1/2+ GDLS/FPI Buffalo USMC A1 & A2 Kit  


All mats are available separately 


NEW! Tibia Force Reduction Wedge. Reduces our record setting low Tibia forces by an additional 50%! 


Ballistic spall liners and armor. Lightweight armor up to Type III Class 1A is now available.


** All Mats, ballistic spall liners and kits are POR.

Mats, spall liners and kits are ITAR controlled and will only be shipped to US military installations.                   

Custom Order

US Youth Sports SPD* Mat, Floor, Blast Mitigating

These floor mats were originally developed to reduce injuries caused from extreme impact events.

They are ultra light and weigh less than 0.75 pounds per square foot.

Available in FAA approved materials for aircraft use.

The mats significantly reduce the kinetic energy transmitted to the Tibia and lower extremities from shock and impact.

These floor mats reduce high Tibia loads, that result from floor accelerations in armored vehicles from IED's and landmine blasts, in excess of 1600lbf while being less than 1.5" thick. 

Key points of our product

Finished first in USMC blast testing for the MRAP program.

Meets or exceeds all specifications of the MRAP blast mitigating floor mats for slip resistance, anti fungal, and flammability.

Minimum coefficient of friction wet 0.74

DOT FMVSS 302 passes with a burn rate of less than 1" per minute.

FAA FAR 29.853 (a) (2) mats are self extinguishing. 

R-6 thermal insulation value.

59pcf buoyancy, provides additional buoyancy for craft, can be used as supplemental crew floatation. 

Service temp -25 ~ +130 degrees Fahrenheit

Storage life expectancy; 10+ years @ -25 ~ +160 degrees Fahrenheit

Extremely durable.

4 models available in any thickness from 1" to >3".

Integrated ballistic and spall solutions available. 

Any national stock color code with 3 finishes and 5 textures to chose from. 

Over 1500 options to choose from.

Custom manufactured and fit to your armor application.

Please contact us with your impact/blast protection needs.


* SPD is U.S. Patent Pending

Impact/Blast protection. Our impact/blast mats have won the USMC blast testing competition for the MRAP family of vehicles. Our mats are proven to out perform the current mats. These mats can be custom made for any application that require extreme impact/blast protection.

Our mats are 1/2 the weight and 1/2 the cost of current blast mats.